Bullshit Consultants

At Least You’ll Have Fun


Embracing the con in consultancy

We started on the assumption that most consultancy is bullshit.
So we’re here to give you a choice.

Either pay 5000 dollars for a college graduate to come in and tell you what to do just to please your boss. Or you hire a Bullshit Consultant.

We'll come in unprepared, and together we'll have fun combining enough buzzwords about changing the paradigms in your business to convince your boss that you're worthy.


Meet Our Consultants

We don’t even know if our consultants will be buried covered in their MBA’s, Forbes 30 under 30 appearances and/or Football Trophies.

These are just genuinely nice people you’ll enjoy spending half a day with. Refreshing, isn’t it?


Bilal Abbas

Founded numerous multinationals by consistently locating them on the Belgian/German border. Favourite buzzword: nano influencing.



Marinka Van de Walle

Uniquely able to turn linear growth into exponential growth just by changing an Excel formula. Favourite buzzword: out-of-the-box.



Hannes D’Hulster

Conceived the idea of Uber three years before founding but forgot to write it down. Favourite buzzword: co-creation.


tom mahy.jpg

Tom Mahy

Discovered the meaning of the universe after three random guesses. Favourite buzzword: leverage.


anthony bosschem.jpg

Anthony Bosschem

Once changed a paradigm just by snapping his fingers. Favourite buzzword: compound interest.


josie daelemans.jpg

Jozefien Daelemans

Performed the first quantitative leap in history on a small cliff in southern France. Favourite buzzword: micro scalability.


jago kosolsky.jpg

Jago Kosolsky

Increased the quality of user generated content by replacing users with journalists. Favourite buzzword: strategising.


freek evers.jpg

Freek Stevens

Famously introduced the direct-to-consumer strategy in B2B enterprise sales ecosystem. Favourite buzzword: Disruptivism.



Mohamed Ouaamari

Uses lean content creation to hack the Instagram and Facebook algorithmz. Buzzwords: Lean agile iteration workshops.



Lucas Dewulf

Freaked out all his high school professors by graduating. Favourite buzzword: VR experience.


Portret - Mattias De Backer-2.jpg

Mattias De Backer

Spent his academic career proving that the physical world can only disconnected from to the mental world by excessive drinking. Favourite buzzword: inclusive city planning.



Ine Dehandschutter

Revealed the underlying patterns responsible for macro economic changes impacting emerging markets. Spoiler: it’s all about magnetic forces peeps. Favourite buzzword: high-purpose.



Dieter Peirs

When attached to Google Translate, Dieter is fluent in 152 languages. Favourite buzzword: deep customer empathy.

Dieter Peirs


Are you genuinely nice? Join us.


Finding a consultant who matches your expectations
is a lot easier when you let those expectations go.

There’s no promise in compromise

Well. Maybe there is. But there shouldn’t be. This is what you can expect from us.

All style, no substance

We’ll come in looking all consultant. Driving our empty heads and Tesla right into your reserved parking spot.

The first thing we’ll learn when meeting you, is your name. True genius gets destroyed by research.

We’ll be kind

So you’re paying us somewhere north of € 1250 for 4 hours of fun. Even if we hate you, that’s more than enough to act like we don’t.


Book Your Consultant

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You’ll get half a day of fun whilst co-creating a keynote containing your favourite mumbo jumbo. We’ll charge whatever huge amount you need to make it look like we’re actually worth our money.

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